Discovering Cargill Beauty's Carrageenan at Connell Caldic Philippines

Our commercial and R&D teams recognized the seminar's potential in driving Cargill Beauty's business through our advanced laboratory capabilities.

Our formulation experts at the personal care laboratory in the Philippines were excited to flaunt their skills when our principal Cargill hosted a seminar at Connell Caldic.

Cargill Beauty was set to introduce their natural and biodegradable Carrageenan portfolio to a group of contract manufacturers – invited by us – in the hair and skin care market. The customers have been looking for sustainable alternatives and engaged in an insightful discussion with the Cargill representatives, and with our commercial team, to understand the market trends, challenges, and requirements of the market.


Our commercial and R&D teams recognized that this seminar could be the perfect opportunity to support Cargill in driving its business with the help of our laboratory capabilities. Our well-equipped lab in the Philippines, comprising all your standard equipment such as mixers, pH meter, an oven for stability testing, and viscometer, etc., along with our experienced team of formulation experts help customize products using ingredients and other offerings from our principals.

The team put together some prototypes that incorporated the theme of the sea – referring to the source Carrageen is derived from. These products consisted of a soluble star-shaped ‘jelly’ soap that can be used as both a hand and body wash, a body butter, and other items.

Showcased in a showroom titled ‘The Carrageenan Star Potions Lab’, these product applications gave both Cargill and the customers a glimpse of the end product. Moreover, the participants were taken by surprise when our team guided them to create their own products, enabling them to make their very own face and hair essence spray using Carrageenan ingredients!

The Carrageenan Star Potions Lab

Carrageenan products

The commercial and R&D teams were ecstatic with the feedback they received from both customers and Cargill. “Cargill never thought that we would be preparing a showroom, ” says Industry Manager Maricar Lopez. 


“They have been conducting seminars for a long time and could not help but compare it. They were very satisfied and happy with the way the seminar was organized and were particularly pleasantly surprised by how engaging the showroom was,” Eddie Josef, Head of Core Solutions, chimes in.

All in all, the seminar co-organized by Cargill and the Connell Caldic Philippines teams proved to be very successful and allowed our teams to demonstrate our capabilities in full force and support both the principal and the customer.


"Our customers have already requested samples, stating that they would like to use the portfolio in their future projects or in their formulations."
"One of the reasons our suppliers and customers appreciate us is because of our laboratory capability.                                                  We can provide customized prototype samples based on customer needs. And, we also give technical assistance."


      Maricar Lopez, Industry Manager, Personal and Home Care