High-quality blending and (re)packing services

Extensive blending services

Whether you require pigments, stabilizers, or other dry ingredients – at Caldic, we understand the challenges and risks that come with blending services. Blending is a critical process in food processing that aims to achieve homogeneity in the ingredients being used. Distinct blending methods have their strengths and challenges, and it takes a skilled processor to determine the right equipment and approach to optimize the blending formula. Food processors must pay attention to every aspect of production to overcome food blending challenges and ensure the quality of the final product.

With over 50 years of experience, our experts are dedicated to providing efficient, reliable and cost-saving solutions for your dry blending needs, while ensuring the highest quality in your food production process. The blending process in our accredited blending facility involves incorporating dry ingredients to produce a well-mixed dry product. Additionally, we can add a small, controlled amount of liquid to a blend if desired. For more complex blending projects, our blenders have temperature controls to heat the liquid stream that is added to the blend. 


Convenient dose size for production

For us, the importance of precision and convenience in your production process is highly valued. By understanding your production process, we’re able to help you bridge the gap between demand and planning. That's why we offer package sizing options that can be adjusted to fit your specific production needs and bag sizes. By selecting the package size that best suits your production batch, you can eliminate the need for manually weighing out powdered ingredients. Instead, you can use full bags of our precisely measured blends, ensuring accurate dose every time.

Our re-packing services are also available for times when you need to transfer dry ingredients from one packaging format to another. This can be a time-consuming and laborious task, but we make it easy for you. Let’s streamline your production process together. 

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Our unique selling points in blending services

Processing according to the highest standards in food safety

Extensive selection of blending and milling equipment

Less labor intensive and hence cost-efficient resulting in saving costs

Processing in an extremely controlled environment ensuring stable high-food quality

Risk management by minimizing traffic product movement and unnecessary personnel

Our unique selling points in packing services

Wide variety of packaging options

Both own-label and private-label packaging options

State-of-the-art facility with high-tech production process

Extensive repacking options in total service solutions or stand-alone services

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