Keeping Food Safe with Caldic North America

Food safety is “Everyone’s business” states the World Health Organization – underlining the shared responsibility of all parties involved in its production to ensure what we consume is safe for our health. This is why Caldic’s commitment to safety and quality is our foremost priority and at the heart of what we do.

Quality Manager Stefan Siegfried gives us an insight into how Caldic North America provides a safe and healthy environment for food production across all its sites. The six food sites handle the production, formulation development, testing, packing, documentation, and delivery of products and blends comprising, for instance, vegetable and mineral oils, antioxidants, additives, and other specialty food ingredients to enhance taste, texture, nutritional value, etc.

At Caldic, safety is primarily a mindset. It is embedded in our culture and its importance is continuously emphasized across the workplace and advocated by the leadership. “Along with our extensive policies, colleagues must feel empowered to carry out safety actions and precautions and know whom to report to in case they are unable to resolve the situation themselves,” Stefan explains. Recognizing the importance of food safety then is a good place to start.

With the wide variety of products serving various customer and consumer interests that are processed on these sites, the measures in place must be of the highest standard. Stefan says it best, “If we are not making safe food, there is no point in doing it.”

Made effective through a series of checkpoints, sanitization of the blending tanks and delivery trucks as well as updated documentation and meticulous testing for quality, our safety procedures make sure no product leaves the facility without all the necessary inspections. Our technical teams also pay close attention to preserving identity labels such as Halal and Kosher. We find it important to respect and serve the diverse dietary needs of all our customers and end consumers while also accessing a wider market that caters to these certifications.

“This can be quite challenging,” Stefan explains, “The documents required for different products are either evolving or increasing and it is difficult to keep track. Sometimes, we need to develop a new program to meet the increasingly stringent demands of our customers.”

The renowned Safe Quality Food (SQF) program recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has certified all six Caldic North America sites with the Excellent rating – the highest rating in the program. The highly qualified external audit team assesses the safety programs and records and conducts on-site observations to ensure the production site meets all the criteria.

In addition to food safety, our production locations have also been recognized by the American Bakery Association for their dedication to worker safety with the Safety Recognition Award.

"At Caldic, safety is primarily a mindset. If we are not making safe food, there is no point in doing it."
“The safety of workers is paramount. In fact, I would say it takes precedence over food safety. If a worker’s working conditions are not safe, how will they be able to ensure the product is?” 


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  Stefan Siegried,

  Quality Manger, Caldic North America