Meet our challenge solver - Sara Freitas

We believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for innovation and sustainability.

Caldic produces over 2000 different products in Brazil and is therefore often faced with significant challenges during production. When switching our filling lines from being focused on one product to another, it is required to drain the pipeline, resulting in a mix of solvents that were previously collected and sent to an incinerator to be burned. This process was costly and contributed to unnecessary waste and environmental harm.


Our QHSE team found an innovative solution that addresses these issues, promotes sustainability, and reduces waste. By adopting circular economy inspired principles, we have developed a process that separates the different solvents we collect, allowing us to either reuse or sell the residual. This has enabled us to not only avoid the cost of incineration but has also reduced our carbon footprint and overall transportation costs since we can reuse the existing product.

Sara Freitas
Sara Freitas
ESG Specialist "By adopting circular economy principles, we've found a way to turn what was once a costly waste into a valuable resource."