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At Caldic Thailand, we put the safety of our employees first and work tirelessly to maintain a zero lost time incident environment.

We care that every one of our employees returns safe and sound to their home, every day. Unsurprisingly the safety of our employees comes first. With everyone working hard around the clock at Caldic Thailand our ambition is to avoid Lost Time Incidents (LTIs), and so where they do occur, we do our utmost to bring them back to zero.


To achieve our zero LTI target across the Thai organization, we’ve put measures in place that ensure safety is on top of everyone’s mind. Our Operations team drives monthly risk assessments and carries out frequent inspections on the shop floor. The QHSE leads closely monitor international standards and review our procedures to ensure Caldic stays up-to-date in safety-related topics. Any deviation or irregularity is swiftly resolved through close collaboration between our management and the respective departments. Ultimately, we can pride ourselves on only 2 LTIs during the past 3 years, which is a testament to our high performing health & safety management, and more importantly, it is recognized by our achievement of the ISO45001 certification.

Benja Watthanavorasakul
Benja Watthanavorasakul
QHSE Manager, Caldic Thailand

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