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The Caldic Gen Z Formulation Series

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In 2025, with 29% ‘Generation Z’ -the newest generation born between 1995 and 2015- will grow to become the largest generation of our population. We cannot ignore the fact that this group represents a significant opportunity for the Personal Care industry. At Caldic, we have developed the Caldic Gen Z Formulation Series: a complete series of high quality multi-purpose formulations, specifically targeted to meet the demands of ‘Gen Z’. Every other week we will present a new episode covering different formulation areas. This week: the Refreshing Highlight Serum

Episode 2: Refreshing Highlight Serum

Gen Z is the first digital-native generation that is confident in their self-expression with an emphasis of being ‘being yourself’. They also have a preference of selecting natural bio-engineered brands that meet their needs for individuality and sustainability. The Refreshing Highlight Serum is a perfect fit to these needs, as it contains the ultimate mix of ingredients from our portfolio, including encapsulated pigments for a healthy glow, argan oil for emollient and conditioning properties, and anti-aging agents. 

Refreshing highlighting serum

The formulation helps to increase radiance, improves and evens out the skin complexion – not only for facial applications. It can also be applied to the delicate skin around the eyes, or to the body. 
When rubbing it off on the skin, the by Tagra encapsulated pigment  “pops out”, providing a shiny golden color which results in a radiant and recharged skin. The serum has a watery texture that is rapidly absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated and ready for the next steps of skincare routine.

Curious about the Refreshing Highlight Serum formulation? Please contact Michiel Kerkhoven for more information about our ingredients portfolio, formulation support or other questions.

Episode 1: Protect & Bronze Sun Care SPF 30

This formula ensures protection against UV-rays, while leaving a ‘glowy’ veil on skin and has additional benefits including a silky and smooth feel. With Gen Z’s being highly conscious of UV rays’ negative impact, while at the same time wanting to look their best at all times, this formulation is the perfect fit covering several of their needs. The Protect & Bronze Sun Care SPF 30 formulation includes a wide range of our specialty raw materials, including a sensorial natural emulsifier and the latest addition to our portfolio - our BEMT-S UV filter from AsTech. 
Sun care formulation Protect & Bronze