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BASF F-200: Your Activated Alumina for Liquid and Gas Drying

a close up from BASF F-200 is an aluminum oxide based spherical ball, specially designed for removing polar molecules and drying of gases and liquids.

BASF F-200 is an aluminum oxide based spherical ball, specially designed for removing polar molecules and drying of gases and liquids. Due to its unique manufacturing process, BASF F-200 has a defined ball size with very low spread, making it a reliable and versatile adsorbent in applications such as:

Drying of Gases and Liquids

Removal of water is an omnipresent task and BASF F-200 is the right activated alumina desiccant to solve it. Its different ball sizes makes F-200 an efficient adsorbent for gas drying as well as for drying liquids. If minimizing pressure drop in gas phase is important, 3/16” is recommended whereas for most liquids 1/8” or 7x14 mesh is the size of choice.

Compressed air drying

BASF F-200 has become the industry standard for compressed air dryers using alumina. F-200 is applicable for pressure swing setups (PSA) as well as for thermal regeneration (175 °C – 300°C) and provides long lifetime with excellent performance on or below dew point requirements.

Acid removal

Whenever acids are formed during processing or production (while using transformer oils or heat transfer medias, for example) BASF F-200 can be used to remove such impurities during the operation.

Process stream cleaning

BASF F-200 is highly suitable to remove highly polar components during operation. It is readily adsorbing water, alcohols, TBC and heavy metal ions from hydro carbon streams.

Product benefits

Uniform ball size

Low ball size distribution and uniform sphericity leading to low pressure drop (very useful for high pressure applications) and minimized channeling, which results in easy pneumatic loading and high overall efficiency.

High crush strength

Due to its unique manufacturing process BASF F-200 has a high physical strength allowing bigger and more efficient adsorber towers as well as fast and easy pneumatic loading.

Low abrasion

Perfectly round spheres and high crush strength result in low abrasion during transport and operation. Thus, downstream valves and filters are protected from clogging and operational safety is maximized.

High adsorption capacity

Tailor made pore distribution and very high surface area leading to excellent dynamic H2O  adsorption capacities.

Taking all benefits into account, BASF F-200 is an excellent adsorbent that is performing well in a broad scope of applications. With the right tower design and efficient regeneration, F-200 can achieve very low impurity levels (i.e. dew points) while maintaining excellent cycle stability and long lifetime.

Possible package sizes

  • 907.2 kg Big bag
  • 151.2 kg Steel drum
  • 151.2 kg PE drum

tailor made volumes on request

For more information, contact our specialist Sören Asmus, via email or phone +49 (0) 211 734 60