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Statement Caldic Chemie Europoort

20 July 2016

Statement Caldic Chemie Europoort

UPDATE- 10 August 2016

After the incident took place on July 19 2016, we stopped all our bio-ethanol and methanol activities until further clarity about the cause, because of safety reasons. As of 20 July 2016, the day after the incident, an in-depth investigation into the cause was launched in collaboration with specialised services and authorities.

Research has led to a provisional conclusion which concerns the most plausible hypothesis about the origin of the explosion. Additional research by different parties should confirm the accuracy of the hypothesis in the near future.

Based on the facts, the confidence in the accuracy of the provisional conclusion, and the measures taken, we have concluded that it is safe to resume the loading and unloading of bio-ethanol and methanol. We have extensively communicated this with the authorities who have jurisdiction. These authorities see no reason or grounds for not resuming the activities. Since 5 August 2016 both our bio-ethanol and methanol activities resumed and have been fully operational.


Message Wednesday 20 July 2016

On Tuesday 19 July at 19:18 an explosion occurred in a methanol storage tank at Caldic Chemie Europoort. The incident occurred while unloading methanol from a ship to the storage tank. There are no injuries.
In accordance with security procedures the relevant tank was foamed, and its surrounding tanks cooled. At around 20:30 the situation was under control.  

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause.

Should you have any supply or product related questions please contact Harald Mullens, Managing Director of Caldic Chemie B.V. via E-mail or 0031 10 4136420.



Bericht Caldic Chemie Europoort, Nederlands

Op dinsdag 19 juli om 19:18 heeft een explosie plaatsgevonden in een methanol opslagtank op ons terrein bij Caldic Chemie Europoort. Het incident vond plaats tijdens het lossen van methanol vanuit een schip naar de opslagtank. Er zijn geen gewonden gevallen.
Conform de veiligheidsprocedure is de desbetreffende tank onder schuim gezet en zijn omliggende tanks gekoeld. Omstreeks 20:30 was de situatie onder controle. 

Momenteel wordt onderzoek verricht om de oorzaak vast te stellen. 

In het geval van verdere vragen omtrent leveringen of producten kunt u zich richten tot Rudi Appels, Managing Director, Caldic Chemie B.V. via E-mail of 0031 10 4136420.