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Caldic Annual Report 2018 Specialized
14 April 2019

Annual Report 2018: Specialized

We are delighted to present our Annual Report 2018. In this report, we’ve compiled the highlights and success stories of the past year that can all be linked to this year’s theme Specialized.

Why Specialized?

Our people have years of experience and are specialists in their particular areas of responsibility. They apply their expertise and hands-on knowledge on everything: from specialized food application services that increase efficiency for the customer, to providing specialty chemicals producers with cost-saving technical solutions and developing new moisturizer formulations. We always take great pride in enthusiastically traveling the extra mile to give our customers every benefit and ever advantage we can offer them.

We have made it our habit to listen to our customers and ask them questions, instead of just selling a product or service. By immersing ourselves in their businesses, trying to see the world from their perspective, we are able to appreciate their challenges as if they were our own. 

Our way of working is never on autopilot and we never settle for the routine. We work for every customer on every project and product with singular dedication, unflagging effort, and the unrelenting drive to deliver the ultimate result: a specialized solution.