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Sustainability in bio-solvents for everyday applications

Sustainability in bio-solvents for everyday applications

Are you looking for a sustainable and environmentally sound alternative for fossil fuel-based ingredients or chemicals to use in your personal care, pharmaceutical, food or industrial chemicals products? Within Europe we are able to offer bio-solvents that are created using established technology which has been adapted and enhanced for use in a modern biotechnology context. This patented clean technology process converts biomass into high purity solvents, so that you can create products with sustainability in mind. 

Sustainability is an important metric for all businesses, and driving down your carbon footprint is an important step in meeting your ESG goals. In addition to fossil fuels creating pollution, they are finite and scarcity is driving prices up, finding alternatives for use in your products makes environmental and economic sense. 

Many everyday products, from paints and plastics to nail polish remover and lipsticks, contain solvents which are almost entirely derived from fossil fuels, however increasingly customers are looking to make choices which are better for the environment. Our bio-solutions can help you to meet this growing demand while improving your own eco credentials. 


Bio-Butanol is produced through a fermentation process utilizing sustainable biomass. This results in a high purity Bio-Butanol, with up to 85% lower carbon emissions than alternative petroleum-based sources. Primary applications include coatings, adhesives and inks, furthermore Bio-Butanol is used as a solvent and as an intermediate in the production of monomers, polymeric emulsions, esters, acetates and glycol ethers. Bio-Butanol is also used in the manufacture of high performance biofuels. 


Bio-Acetone is a high performance alternative to petroleum derived acetone. It is like Bio-Butanol produced through the fermentation process utilizing sustainable biomass. This bio-based Acetone is free of all carcinogenic aromatic impurities (such as benzene) commonly found in traditionally produced material and can be substituted for use in a wide variety of formulations. Think of paints, coatings, adhesives, inks, cosmetics, personal care, household- and industrial cleaners, pharmaceuticals, research chemicals, and other specialties.


Produced by the same processes as Bio-Butanol and Acetone, Bio-Ethanol is widely used in many industrial applications and this can easily be substituted in many formulations in coatings, industrial cleaners, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Get in touch to find out more and, if you are based in Europe, request a sample to see how these alternatives can be just the solution you need to take sustainable products to your customers.