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R2 Group becomes Caldic

27 April 2016

R2 Group becomes Caldic

As of September 2015, R2 Group A/S was acquired by the Dutch company, Caldic B. V. As of May 1 2016 our R2 Group will be fully integrated into Caldic Denmark and Caldic Denmark Ingredients.

In connection with the name change, the different companies under R2 Group have been merged as follows:

  • R2 Group’s biocides, coatings, and chemicals business units have been merged with R2 Group Pharmaceuticals into Caldic Denmark A/S, and is a daughter company of Caldic B.V.
  • R2 Group’s Food Solutions, Food Ingredients, and Brew Ingredients are merged with Caldic Denmark into Caldic Ingredients Denmark A/S, also a daugher company of Caldic B.V.

As part of the Caldic-family, we will be able to provide customers with an even wider high-quality product portfolio and customized solutions. 

A few months after the acquisition R2 Group is also physically changing into Caldic.If you visit us now, you will find our Caldic identity and branding! 

In case you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact us! 

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