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Various types of puffed and extruded grains.

Nutritional bars can replace an entire meal these days so they need to taste great! we can help you with a wide variety of colors, flavors, and textures for use in many different types of bars.

Qualitech Inclusions

A chewy marshmallow, a rainbow of crunchy bits, nutritionally fortified inclusions.

Adding QualiTech inclusions to nutritional bars can solve many problems. A kosher marshmallow for your S’mores bar, rainbow bits for your birthday cake bar that stay crunchy, or even nutritionally fortified inclusions with intense flavor profiles to mask the not-so-pleasant flavors of the beneficial ingredients that your consumers crave.
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Add protein and crunch to your nutrition bars, energy bars and cereals with PGP Protein Rice Crisps.  We offer a selection of Rice Protein Crisps which are manufactured using advanced extrusion technologies.
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Parker Products

Parker Products offer premium coated seeds and small-batch granola with many creative flavors which can be either sweet, savoury or a combination of both.
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Kerry has a wide array of inclusions to add texture, flavor and interest to nutrition and energy bar applications.


  • Pre-Gel Powders
  • Puffed and Popped Ancient Grains
  • Conventional and Organic Toasted Flours and Flours Made from Amaranth, Millet, Quinoa, Sorghum and Teff

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