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Let's virtually meet at H3i webinar

Let's virtually meet at H3i webinar


07 - 07 September 2021

With the spotlight firmly on a sustainable way of living, consumers’ interest in environmentally friendly practices and products is on the rise. At home, this translates into steadily decreasing washing temperatures while expecting the same high-quality laundry result. And, it is reflected in the desire to use plant-based products with a lower environmental impact.

Find out how to improve the eco-footprint of detergents formulations and join the H3i webinar - on Tuesday, 7 September. Take a deep dive with Caldic UK and our partner Clariant into the ingredients and formulation services used to create innovative household, industrial and institutional cleaning products.

Let us inspire you with our range of

  • Surfactants
  • Silicones
  • Natural Scrubs
  • Home and Automotive Polymers
  • Soil release polymers
  • Solvents

Learn more about The novel TexCare® SRN 260 Life from our Partner Clariant

Sustainability plays a role in many parts of our lives and more consumers are looking for environmental-friendly cleaning products. Considering Laundry Detergents, the need for sustainability is reflected in the desire to use renewable ingredients with a low impact on the environment. In order to waste less energy, the washing temperatures are steadily decreasing, whilst consumers expect not to compromise on the washing performance.

The novel TexCare® SRN 260 Life is a biodegradable soil release polymer based on non-tropical raw materials, with a renewable carbon index of ~80 %. It builds a shield against stain, shows outstanding performance for soil release, and efficiently prevents synthetic fibers from greying. Glucopure Sense is a sunflower based sugar surfactant from European origin with a renewable Carbon Index of 96% and very low Carbon Footprint. Whilst being truly green, it does not compromise on washing performance and adds sensorial benefits to fabrics. This makes it well suitable for additional claims like built-in softener, conditioning or softening through the wash. These properties make both of them a perfect ingredient for sustainable laundry products.

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