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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


Caldic is committed to providing a safe workplace for all personnel working on site, and producing safe and high-quality products in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We shall carry out our commitment by providing the necessary resources required to adhere to the following principles.


To help achieve total customer satisfaction, the management and staff of Caldic are committed to complying with the requirements outlined in the Caldic Quality Management System to ensure consistent process and product quality and to continually improve its effectiveness.

Compliance to Legislation and Standards

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and implement appropriate programs and procedures to ensure compliance in all our activities.

Incident Prevention

Caldic will perform a rigorous process of hazard identification, risk assessment, critical controls and emergency preparedness to prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, accidents, pollution and to reduce the impact on the environment. We will provide relevant training and communication to ensure clear guidelines are set and understood for worker health, safety, and environmental care.

Continuous Improvement

The management of Quality, Health and Safety within Caldic will be driven by a relentless desire for continuous improvement to reduce risks arising from our business activities for our employees, our guests, our communities, and the environment.
Our approach to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment will ensure that our performance against our targets is monitored and reported. Corrective actions, when needed are identified, documented and implemented in an effective manner to prevent recurrence.

Communication and Involvement

We will provide open and honest communication channels to encourage discussion and participation of all parties in our drive for improved Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance. Appropriate parties will include employees, contractors, suppliers and our local communities.

Ethical Value

We will act with consistency, transparency and respect to do what is honest, ethical and trustworthy in all aspects of our company's operations.
This policy will help guide each of us to achieve our vision for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment to protect our employees, contractors, visitors, customers, and communities, now and in the future. This policy will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary


Supplier Code of Conduct

Our company operates at the highest level of moral and ethical values and we expect our suppliers to respect and adhere to the same philosophy.
Written acceptance of our Code of Conduct is a condition of any agreement or contract between our suppliers and Caldic  and we work with our suppliers to achieve compliance with all of the provisions of our Code of Conduct.

For more information and questions regarding our Code of Conduct, please contact our local office by email