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Why heating your home with salt will have the future

Last year, Caldic joined the CREATE project: a concept that aims to tackle the thermal energy storage challenge for the built environment. By developing a compact heat storage or 'heat battery', the full potential of available renewables will be enabled.

What is CREATE?

CREATE (Compact Retrofit Advanced Thermal Energy Storage) is a 48-month project supported by the European Union, based on advanced compact thermal storage for existing dwellings using thermochemical storage materials. The heart of the system consists of a vessel containing hydrated and then dehydrated salt, which generates an energy effect. In the time between hydration and dehydration, the energy is stored in the salt itself.

By storing locally generated solar heat in summer for use during the cold winter months, the gap between supply and demand for renewable heat will be bridged. It will also increase the flexibility of the energy grid by converting electricity peaks into renewable electricity (e.g. wind energy) in stored heat for later use. The improved use of renewable energy sources instead of fossil energy reduces CO2 emissions and achieves a reduction of the net energy consumption, resulting in economical affordability. Thanks to the novel dense thermochemical materials, the maximum space used will be 2.5 m3 for the salt. Due to this use of thermochemical technology, no heat loss will occur during storage.

In order to test the functionality of the heat battery and demonstrate the actual results of the project, a prototype of this state-of-the-art heat battery will be installed in an orphanage in Warsaw in 2019. The Polish capital was chosen for its climate, which has both cold winters and warm summers. Once the project is successfully finished the salt storage will removed but the orphanage will continue to benefit from the solar system that was installed. 

Our contribution

 The TUE (Eindhoven University of Technology) is investigating the heat capacity of different types of salt. This is where Caldic proves to be a flexible participant in the CREATE project. Because of the close cooperation between several Caldic entities working on this project, we do not only offer a wide range of salts in which to store the energy. Thanks to our broad product range, we can also provide the most suitable binding agents to shape the salts. The key is to seek the right composition in order to compress these salts and find the most efficient shape. Thorough testing and analysing are indispensable here, adding to the value that Caldic can contribute to the CREATE project.

Why we participate

In our business we not only develop and create new solutions for customers with the sole purpose of gaining economic advantage. We are always eager to learn from and invest in initiatives that underline our belief in the importance of QHSE. One of our main priorities is to meet the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards, so we pro-actively work to minimise our impact on the environment and constantly search for green solutions. The CREATE project is one from which we can learn, whilst contributing to a better, sustainable living environment.

For more information on this project, please visit the CREATE website or contact our specialist Henry van der Meer.

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