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Savory Solutions for your success

Vegan Burger

At the moment, clean label is the industry standard for all food products.  Phosphates and other additives do not fit this clean label trend and this is why we developed a tasty phosphate-free cheese dipping sauce. But we also respond to other savory trends by developing a soy-based vegan burger and a protein-enriched low sodium bouillon. Below you can find some of our solutions for the Savory market. Feel free to download your information sheet of choice.

Low Sodium and Protein-enriched Drinkable Bouillon

Caldic has developed a drinkable bouillon that is low in sodium and that can be enriched with proteins while preserving great taste and mouthfeel. It is a visually pleasing solution that will keep herbs in suspension.

√ Low sodium
√ Protein enriched
√ Great mouthfeel

Download Drinkable Bouillon Solution Sheet

Firm and Juicy Vegan Burger

With our wide range of ingredient possibilities and respected principals, Caldic Ingredients is a one-stop-shop for customers who would like to develop or improve a meat alternative product. If texture is your concern, our ingredients will help you mimic the texture of real meat products.

√ Vegan
√ Natural colors and flavors
√ Firm and juicy texture 

Download Vegan Burger Solution Sheet

Phosphate-free Cheese Dipping Sauce

Carraman S-33605 is a phosphate-free blend of milk protein and starches that provides an excellent base for cheese-based dipping sauces. Carraman S-33605 provides a smooth and indulgent texture and  can be mixed with any desired shredded cheese to create unique colors and flavor profiles.

√ Phosphate-free
√  Clean label
√  Low Salt

Download Cheese Dipping Sauce Solution Sheet