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Protein Enrichment: Speeding up recovery with ice cream and sausage rolls

Icecream scoop and peach icecream

There is no doubt that protein enrichment has evolved into a lasting trend. From elderly taking extra protein to combat muscle loss to protein-enriched ice cream for recovering hospital patients and sausage rolls for professional athletes. When it comes to protein enrichment, Caldic can help you find the right solution.

Finding the right protein enriched solution

Food manufacturers also profit from this protein trend. By enriching their existing products with proteins, they can develop a completely new product range with extra margin.

However, it is not always easy to enrich products with proteins. Protein can bind a lot of moisture, flocculate, gelify, or affect the mouthfeel of a product. There is a wide range of proteins to choose from, with each type of protein having its pros and cons. Think of animal proteins, like milk or collagen and vegetable proteins from all kinds of legumes, rice and even algae.

Protein enriched sausage rolls and ice cream

Not only do we have a wide range of proteins available; we also have a great deal of experience in applying these different types of proteins in many different foods. From soups to ice cream, cakes, soft drinks, fruit juices, bread, pancakes, breakfast shakes and sausage rolls. Whatever challenge you are facing, we make it our mission to find the right solution for you.

More information on protein enrichment?

Together with you we go through all possibilities as well as the pitfalls and thresholds that you could come across. Feel free to contact our specialist for more information on protein enrichment.