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Naturens energi awarded Best Natural Food Product “Runner up”

Our assortment of Naturens energi: small boxes placed on a tree trunk, surrounded by dried fruits and nuts. Awarded Best Natural Food Product “Runner up”

Naturens energi: The Healthy On-the-Go Snack

Many people still find it too drastic a change to completely go vegan or raw. However, we do see that more and more people are becoming conscious of the fact that if they slightly adjust their diet, it will be for the benefit of both their own health and the environment. Caldic decided to respond to this trend by developing ‘Naturens energi’: a healthy on-the-go treat, which is easily brought along thanks to the 30 gram packages.

Naturens energi: a Healthy On-the-Go Snack

Naturens energi is a natural choice of healthy snacking. Dried fruits, nuts, almonds, berries and peas are an easy source of essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates and add up to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tasty, healthy and natural snacks

With Naturens energi we are responding to the growing demand for gluten-free, sugar-free and raw snacks – also for people with allergies to nuts. Whether it is consumed as an after-gym-snack, a sweet treat for children or a nice addition to your breakfast; there are flavors for everyone and every moment of the day.

Assortment – choose your favorite(s)

The product line consists of different boxes, each one of them filled with a different assortment: 

  • Tranbär & Mandel (Cranberries & Almonds)
  • Russin & Kikärtor (Raisins & Chickpeas)
  • Russin & Hasselnötter (Rasins & Hazelnuts)
  • Valnötter & Mullbär (Walnuts & Mulberries)

The small boxes come in a smart ready-to-use display which retailers can easily place on desks or shelves – taking up little store space and thus allowing a good ROI of shelf space.

Also interested in cooperating or selling Naturens energi via your store? Please visit the Caldic Food Service Retail website or contact one of our Food Service and Retail sales persons for more information.

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