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ION exchange resins for clean water

ION exchange resins for clean water Caldic Solution Water Treatment Lewatit 31

As life for a human being is impossible without water, the industry is depending on water as well. A lot of industrial processes require water for heating, cooling, production, dilution, transportation and washing. This is the reason factories often have in-house water treatment systems. The aim of water treatment is to remove unwanted constituents in the water and to make it fit for a specific purpose in industry. Widely varied techniques are available to remove contaminants, one of them being the ion-exchange resin principle.

What are ion-exchange resins?

Ion exchange resins are usually designed as granules, beads, or sheets. They appear solid, even under the microscope, but on a molecular scale the structure is quite open. The beads are typically porous, providing a large surface area on and inside them. ‘Catching’ ions occurs along with the accompanying release of other ions: this is the reason why the process is called ion exchange.

Ion exchange resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes.  The most common examples are water softening and water purification.

• Water softening

This is the process of removing calcium, magnesium and other metal cations from hard water. Hard water with a high mineral content can cause serious problems. The softening of water is sometimes required in industrial settings where water hardness is monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in cooling towers, boilers, and other installations that handle water.

 • Water purification

Water purification is the process of removing contaminants, undesirable chemicals, and suspended solids and gases from water. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose, such as fulfilling the requirements of chemical and industrial applications.

There are multiple types of ion-exchange resin. Caldic is the official Lewatit® distributor in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, UK & Ireland.  For most of the Dowex and Amberlite types we can offer high quality Lewatit® equivalents. Several product types can be supplied on short notice out of our large stocks.

Main ion-exchange resin products from the Lewatit® product range

Softening resins

  • Lewatit S1567  softening drinking water (food approved)
  • Lewatit Monoplus S108  softening in industrial applications
  • Lewatit S100 G1  strong cation resin with color indicator 

Decarbonation resins

  • Lewatit CNP 80 WS  weak acid, macroporous cation resin
  • Lewatit S8528  weak acid, macroporous cation resin (food grade)

Demineralisation resins

  • Lewatit CNP80 WS  : weak acid cation exchange resins
  • Lewatit Monoplus S108  : strong acid, gel-type cation exchange resin
  • Lewatit S100 G1 : strong acid, cation exchange resin with indicator
  • Lewatit Monoplus SP112 : strong acid, macroporous cation exchange resin
  • Lewatit MP62 WS : weak base, macroporous anion exchange resin
  • Lewatit Monoplus MP68 : weak base, macroporous anion exchange resin
  • Lewatit Monoplus M500 : strong base, gel-type anion exchange resin (type I)
  • Lewatit Monoplus MP800 : strong base, macroporous anion exchange resin (type I)
  • Lewatit Monoplus M600 : strong base, gel-type anion exchange resin (type II)
  • Lewatit Monoplus MP600 :   strong base, macroporous anion exchange resin (type II)

Mixed bed resins

  • Lewatit NM-91  ready to use mixbed, one way use
  • Lewatit NM-60  ready to use mixbed, one way use
  • Lewatit Monoplus S108 H + Lewatit Monoplus M800  for regenerative mixbed

Inert resins

  • Lewatit IN42
  • Lewatit IN50

Selective resins

  • Lewatit Monoplus SR7 : nitrate removal
  • Lewatit Monoplus TP207 : heavy metal removal
  • Lewatit Monoplus TP214 : mercury (Hg) removal
  • Lewatit Monoplus TP260 : removal of transition heavy metals & alkaline earth cations
  • Lewatit Monoplus MK51 : boron removal
  • Lewatit K6362 : cyanide and chromate removal

Adsorber resins

  • Lewatit S6328A
  • Lewatit 8071-8072-8073-8074
  • Lewatit VPOC1064
  • Lewatit AF5

 Other resins in our product range are: 

  • Resins for ultrapure water UP types
  • Catalyst resins K-types
  • Food grade resins S-types
  • Hydroculture resin Lewatit HD50
  • Nuclear grade resins KR-types

The ‘Monoplus’ resins consist of beads which all have the same diameter (monospheric).

Should you have any questions regarding ion exchange resins or are you curious about what Caldic can offer in terms of water treatment? Feel free to contact one of our specialists.