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Introducing Planty: Our New Vegan Product Line

Vegan Mortadella with cashew ricotta

Caldic Ingredients Benelux is proud to introduce our new line of outstanding vegan products, called Pectacon® Planty. Developed from a need to answer the growing market demand, this is an excellent opportunity to further develop our vegan products and create this outstanding vegan product line. 

Why Pectacon® Planty?

 With an eye on the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, we have expanded our product offering with new and improved products that will enhance your formulations. We make it our mission to enable you in creating the best vegan products with the highest quality.  

Vegan ingredients for different applications

From meat alternatives to egg replacement in bakery, plant-based ice cream and dairy-free products, we have developed a solution for every application. All animal-derived ingredients, including meat, milk, egg and gelatin, have specific functional characteristics that can sometimes be challenging to replicate. This is why we are extremely proud of the quality level we have reached with this vegan product line. Our specialists have managed to obtain similar characteristics with solely plant-based ingredients, without compromising on taste, texture, smell or mouthfeel. 

Below you can find an overview of different applications.
  • Vegan Ice cream

  • Vegan Dairy Alternatives

  • Egg replacement for Bakery

  • Gelatin-free jelly dessert

  • Vegan Nutritional Shakes

  • Egg replacement for emulsified sauces

  • Vegan meat replacers

Vegan Mortadella

Recently we developed a delicious Vegan Mortadella: an easy-to-use 3-component solution developed to meet the wishes of the conscious consumer who is looking for an indulgent moment. This 'meat' is easy to slice like other conventional cold cuts. For this Vegan Mortadella, we used our Pectacon® Planty binding mix, Pectacon® Planty aroma blend, some water, vegetable oil/fat, pistachio and herbs & spices. Of course, the Pectacon® Planty aroma blend can be adjusted to your preferences.

Please contact us for technical assistance or specifications. We are looking forward to support you in finding the right vegan solution!