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Innovative Solutions for Bakery

slice of sugar reduced cake; one of the solutionns developed by Caldic Ingredients

When it comes to bakery products, there is an increasing demand for both healthier food products and convenient food solutions. Think of products that are lower in sugar, higher in fiber, clean label or instant products and ready meals. Caldic offers several solutions that respond to these bakery trends. Have a look below to see our latest innovations and download your product sheet of choice.

Fruit filling – a healthy alternative 

The Caldic fruit filling can be used as a filling for pastries and cakes. It contains fruit, is high in fiber and has a reduced sugar content. Due to the fact that it is semi-bake stable, it can be easily used in a wide variety of bakery products.

√ High in fiber
√ Reduced sugar content
√ Semi bake stable
√ Clean Label

Download Fruit Filling Solution Sheet

Cake Zero – No Sugar Vanilla Cake Mix

Our Cake Zero is an all-in-one vanilla cake mix consisting of a carefully balanced blend of polyols, fibers and high intensity sweeteners with functionality that closely matches that of sugar in bakery products.

√ No added sugars
√ Great texture, color, flavor and sweetness

Download Cake Zero Solution Sheet

Protein-Enriched White bread

This bread has been developed using multiple sources of protein to produce a bread with pleasant texture, flavor and extended shelf life. On top of this, it is a great source of fiber.

√ Protein-enriched
√ Great source of fiber
√ Extended shelf life

Download Protein-Enriched Bread Solution Sheet

Indulgent Instant Bakery Cream 

Our Instant Bakery Cream can be used as a filling in a wide variety of baked goods. It has a full vanilla flavor and a creamy and rich mouthfeel.

√ Quick and easy to prepare
√ Freeze-, thaw- and bake stable

Download Instant Bakery Cream Solution Sheet