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Food Innovation & Production: Success for your food products

Are you looking for a competent application partner, who can take your great idea and turn it into a finished, commercial food product? Perhaps you seek inspiration for optimizing your recipes? Or maybe you need a flexible production partner? Caldic’s Nordic entities are specialized in the development and production of food ingredients. Learn more about how you can benefit from that!

Developing innovative food solutions together

At Caldic we give high priority to innovation and development, and at our Nordic entities we have gathered a team of application and development experts. At our Food Innovation Centers we test, develop and optimize innovative food solutions in close cooperation with you.

Visit our Food Innovation Center

Our Food Innovation Centers are fully equipped with high-tech ’application-gadgets’ and experienced product development experts. With our state of the art facilities, we are able to create never-before-seen solutions that capture the latest market trends. We develop for ice cream, confectionery, bakery, savoury and dairy - just to mention a few segments. In addition we run application trials based on industrial recipes.

Our goal is to inspire you. Therefore, you are always welcome to visit our Food Innovation Centers and work on new or existing products in cooperation with us. This enables you to be a part of the process engaging all your senses. Contact us to set up a visit or to learn more about what we can do for you.

Flexible production of food ingredients

With Caldic as your partner, you gain access to our flexible production units. We can produce tailor-made mixes, both dry and liquid and develop simple and highly functional premixes, among other things. At our Nordic production sites we produce, mix and pack products under our own Caldic brand as well as under customer labels. Some examples of products we handle are:

  • Liquid and dry products
  • Water-based products
  • High and low viscosity products
  • High brix-products
  • Products with low water activity
  • Production of natural black color (Carbon Black)
  • Aseptic filling of products

Premixes and highly functional blends

When it comes to blends, some of the possibilities we provide access to are:

  • Simple premixes (two-four components)
  • Highly functional blends (up to 30 ingredients with both nutritional and functional properties)
  • Liquid & powder

Our production equipment comprises:

  • Premix stations
  • Blending facilities with capacities of 200 liters, 1.000 liters and 2.000 liters respectively
  • Flat sieves and metal detectors - providing extra security for you

Feel free to contact our specialists for more information. We are ready to develop and produce the food ingredients of tomorrow in cooperation with you!