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Developing innovative food solutions at the Caldic Italia Food Lab

Since the end of 2017, the research and development laboratory at our new Caldic Italia headquarters in Origgio enables us to develop tailored and innovative food projects and solutions. Thanks to this newly built laboratory, we can now realize our ideas and respond to different customer needs.

Fully equipped Food Lab

With a special focus on bakery products, but also suited for the development of fresh cream filled or topped pastries or tartlets, this new laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools to performance parallel tests with equal machines. The three spiral mixers and three planetary mixers allow us to measure the performance of different baking methods and raw materials; in this way, we can offer our customers the best solution to their needs. The rest of the process is carried out in a classical, artisan way, using dividers, molding machines, dough rollers, proving cabinets, incubating chambers and different types of ovens. 
Developing food solutions for Bakery

Focus on customer service and natural trends

To pursue our philosophy of offering the best possible customer service, observing and responding to the most popular trends amongst consumers, we work closely together with industrial companies to offer the most natural solutions (natural baking powders NDR) and clean label adjuvants without chemical additives.

Recently developed food solutions

In recent months, we developed products for specific applications such as leavened products, special bread mixes and semi-finished products for fresh pastries including pastry creams. In addition, we developed products with less fat, -sugar and egg-free solutions. 

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