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Delicious Dairy Solutions

Fiber-enriched non-fat chocolate milk

Our research and development team has extensive experience working with a wide range of clean label ingredients, including proteins, starches and fiber. Utilizing this knowledge, our team has created different solutions for Dairy.

Raspberry Caramel Clean Label Dutch Vla (Custard)

Our raspberry caramel flavored custard has been enriched with fiber yet has a rich and creamy full-bodied mouthfeel. This custard is completely clean label and is less viscous for a pourable texture.

√ Innovative flavor combinations
√ Clean label (no E-numbers)
√ Enriched with fiber

Download Dutch Vla Solution Sheet

Fiber-Enriched, Non-Fat Chocolate Milk

 Chocolate milk is an all-time favorite beverage with both children and adults.  A rich and indulgent dairy beverage has been developed, delivering a desirable and creamy mouthfeel in a 0% fat chocolate milk.

√ Low in calories, sugar and fat
√ Enriched with fiber
√ Creamy texture and full-bodied mouthfeel

Download Chocolate Milk Solution Sheet

Gelatin-Free Aerated Pudding 

Caldic has developed a simple way to replace gelatin in instant dairy-based desserts and toppings. With our advanced technology, we are able to customize our blends to suit your individual requirements. 

√ Gelatin-free 
√ Cost effective
√ Neutral color and taste

Download Gelatin-Free Pudding Solution Sheet