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Brew Ingredients: Excellent raw materials for breweries from the best suppliers

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Ingredients for breweries is a growing business for Caldic. Due to our expertise and well-established cooperation with professional partners, we hold a strong position in the Nordic and Baltic markets - to the benefit of brewers. Because we provide access to a world of quality ingredients for beer, from the best suppliers in the market.

Raw materials for breweries

When focusing on quality there is no room for compromising. And we don’t. We have deliberately made a choice only to cooperate with the best producers of raw materials for beer. This means, that whether you need lager malt, special malt, hops, dry yeast, or any other ingredient, we always aim to offer you the best.

We understand that it is of crucial importance to a brewer to be able to rely on the quality of the products. Therefore, we only work with well-established, quality-conscious producers. Obviously, our product range also includes organic products and we continue to expand our range with new brewing ingredients.

Malt from Weyermann®

The German producer of lager malt and special malt, Weyermann® is especially known for a consistent and high quality and for offering the world’s widest selection of own-produced products, with more than 85 malt types. Through our solid and long-lasting relationship with Weyermann we are among other things able to offer you:

  • Smoked malt
  • Wheat malt
  • Czech malt
  • Rye malt
  • Organic malt
  • and much more…

Hops from Charles Faram

Besides having over 150 years of experience with hops and hop products, British Charles Faram deliver more than 100 different hop types from all larger hop producing regions of the world, such as Europe, the US and New Zealand. From Charles Faram we are able to offer for instance freshpak hop leaves and pellets, and at our cold storage in Denmark we aim to have the most popular hop types in stock for quick delivery.

Yeast from Fermentis

Fermentis, who are owned by the French company Lesaffre – the world’s leading producer of yeast – deliver many different kinds of dry yeast for beer, cider, and distillation. Their product program include top yeast as well as bottom yeast for all kinds of beer types, and the packets are available for both home brew, micro brew and industrial brewing. Naturally, the whole assortment lives up to the most strict production standards, just as the whole assortment has been approved for organic labelling. In addition, Fermentis produce yeast for distillation of alcohol and production of cider.

Totally Natural Solutions - hop extract and aroma

Totally Natural Solutions produce extracts for bitterness, flavour and aroma from hop pellets, which most breweries use. They extract the oils and create a consistent and flexible product, which makes it easy to get the right dosage of hop flavour and aroma in the finished beer. The products come as blends, for instance for IPA, but also from specific hop types.  

Murphy & Son - Water treatment and more

Since 1887, Murphy & Son have been producing water treatment products for breweries. Over time, production of isinglass, yeast nutrients, enzymes, defoamers and much more has been added to the portfolio. Caldic have the most frequently used products in stock, but of course we provide access to the entire Murphy & Son assortment.

Much more than a distributor of brewing ingredients

Besides having a close cooperation with some of the strongest brew ingredients players in the market, we have comprehensive know-how of the beer industry. This enables us to provide professional and qualified guidance. Because we know all corners of the Nordic and Baltid brewing industries, we quickly pick up on trends and help you convert these trends into finished, commercial products.

If you want to know more and use our expertise, you are more than welcome to contact us!