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Why you should choose Caldic as your biocides specialist


Handling biocidal products requires the right set of competences. As a distributor of active substances we are operating in an evolving market that demands constant innovation. A market that is subject to strict rules and ever-changing trends. We make deliberate efforts to offer the best tailored solutions to our customers and as an example, enter strategic partnerships with reliable partners. Besides, we have also composed a specialized biocides team, with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the biocides market. 

Our biocidal products and services

Through innovation, experience and outstanding technical support, we deliver added value and contribute to our customers’ growth. As an example we offer:
  • High quality, tried-and-tested products
  • Access to data (LoA – Letter of Access) in Europe
  • Regulatory assistance with national legislations and BPR (Biocidal Products Registration)
  • Correct documentation and registrations
  • Sustainable and regular biocides
  • Innovation and product development skills

New and innovative biocide solutions 

To ensure that we are able to offer effective products that fully comply with the BPR rules and regulations, we constantly strive to deliver new and innovative biocides. Based on our many years of experience we develop tailor-made solutions for you. Some examples are:

Product-type 6 - In-can preservation

Through our partner Valtris, we offer Methylisothiazolinone-free (MIT-free) solutions for PT 6 in-can preservatives for water-based coatings systems. In a highly competitive market, we have successfully managed to generate extensive customer interest, with good support from Valtris.

Product-type 7 - Film preservation

Certain biocides can no longer be used for PT 7 applications. We have therefore developed new formulations in collaboration with Valtris, used for the preservation of films or coating (both solvent-based- and water-based systems) with DART (Diversity Arrays Technology) technology incorporated.

Product-type 8 - Wood preservation

Caldic offers insecticides for PT 8. Insecticides can be used curatively and preventively against wood-destroying insects such as termites. Through our partner Tagros, we offer two frame formulations under BPR as well as technical permethrin.

Your permethrin partner for PT8

Caldic is registered in the list of active substances and suppliers under ECHA’s Article 95 for permethrin under PT8. We are the legal entity of Tagros and in a position to issue LoA for permethrin in Europe.

Because of our focus on flexibility and innovation, we also develop our own products under the trademark Rodical®. Caldic offers three water-based frame recipes with permethrin for PT 8: Rodical® InsectProtect, Rodical® InsectProtect Conc. and Rodical® Multi Use.

Rodical® InsectProtect 

Rodical® InsectProtect: Ready to Use product for DIY. Provides high efficiency against all wood boring insects including termites. All test work is completed according to BPR. With a low application rate the product is very economical. On top of this, application has been made flexible to fit your needs (injection, brushing, spraying).

Rodical® InsectProtect Conc.

Rodical® InsectProtect Conc.: Identical to the above but delivered as a concentrate to be diluted 1:9 in water. Curative (dilution 1:7)and preventive.

Rodical® MultiUse

Rodical® MultiUse is a combined product containing an insecticide and two fungicides. It is highly effective against wood-destroying insects (including termites) and wood-destroying fungi. 

We offer technical permethrin in the following packaging and tailor-made solutions:

  • Technical Permethrin 25:75

  • 25 kg drums/pales

  • 200 kg drums

  • 1000 kg IBC