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All-in-one cleaner formulation: solution in dilution

All-in-one cleaner Caldic Malaysia

Simplicity in kitchen cabinet

House cleaning typically requires a handful of products to help with the task. It is not unusual to apply five different products: one for a streakless countertop, one for a spic and span oven, one for a spotless stove, one for proper dishes and another one for tidy cupboards. Often, the space below the sink contains a range of cleaner products, each for a different purpose. The mix of bottles normally clutters the kitchen cabinet but, more importantly, requires individual packaging with the accompanying environmental footprint. A challenge requiring a fix. 

Technical expertise

Equipped with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in biotechnology, Mindy Lim, Technical Development Manager at Caldic Malaysia, set out to work on a formulation that would simplify house cleaning. “My R&D background and experience in new product development in prior jobs at Ansell Malaysia and Wipro Unza have been instrumental in helping us develop the new formula that would do the trick for a range of cleaning tasks,” says Mindy. 

Solution in dilution

“In our application laboratory we applied a mix of Dow products as key ingredients and the resulting prototypes were extensively tested by panelists” explains Mindy. Together with expert colleagues Mindy delivered a single concentrate that can be diluted with ordinary tap water to create cleaning products for different purposes. “The panelists’ feedback enabled us to tweak the formulation to optimize the cleaning properties and to ensure it would deliver superior performance against benchmark products”, highlights Mindy. Dow Home Care - the manufacturer of the ingredients – was very excited to see the product benefits and recognized Mindy Lim for the ‘outstanding initiative to come up with All-purpose multi-functional cleaner formulation’. 

Promotional tool  

As of July 2021, Dow’s Home Care portfolio proudly features a marketing leaflet promoting the All-purpose multi-functional cleaner which is available in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. “I’m happy to see Dow has embraced the concept. It makes mundane cleaning tasks so much easier. Whether it’s hand dishwashing, table-top surface cleaning, or even the floor, the cleaning can be done with one single product by simply diluting the concentrate. Keeping your house clean and hygienic has never been easier,” reaffirms Mindy enthusiastically. “The final formulation contains ingredients that are readily biodegradable while delivering impressive cleaning results, so it is friendlier for the environment as well.”