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Accelerators and Antioxidants for rubber compounds

Yasho accelerators and antioxidants for rubber

During Plast 2018 we presented a complete list of Yasho Industries’ products. We are very pleased to have, among others, a partner like Yasho who offers a complete range of accelerators and special antioxidants for rubber compounds, compliant with REACH regulations.

Accelerators: why use them?

The vulcanization of rubber, both natural and synthetic, requires the use of accelerators, sulphur donors and activators for several reasons: speeding up the vulcanization process and making it more controlled, improving the performance of the finished article and replacing, partly or totally, sulphur in "Semi EV" or "EV" systems.

Different types of accelerators

    Based on the effect given to the vulcanization speed, the accelerators are subdivided into:
  • "Slow" accelerators, for example guanidines
  • "Fast" accelerators, such as sulphenamides and thiazoles
  • "Super-fast" or "ultra-accelerators", for example thiourames and carbamates

To achieve the right compromise between kinetics of vulcanization and properties of the finished article, our specialists guide you in identifying the correct combination between the different accelerators, activators and, possibly, sulphur donors.

Antioxidants: protect your rubber compounds

Vulcanized rubber goods have the need, more or less marked, to be protected from the effect of external factors that can accelerate aging. These factors are of various kinds: oxidative agents (eg oxygen), agents that speed up oxidative processes (such as heavy metals), ozone, UV rays, heat, mechanical stress, aggressive chemicals.

Choosing the right antioxidant for rubber

Depending on the application and the polymer (elastomer), the use of the right protective system is crucial in order to guarantee optimal performance throughout the life of the finished article. Our product range includes:

  • Antioxidants / antiozonants (parafenylendiamines)
  • Antioxidants (TMQ, secondary aromatic amines)
  • Antidegradants (benzimidazoles)

Why choose Yasho rubber chemicals?

Through Yasho we offer a wide range of special accelerators and antioxidants, all complying with the REACH regulation. Click here to see the complete list.

Would you like to receive more information about the accelerators and antioxidants we propose? Contact our European Rubber Business Manager Pierluca Cofanetti via email or your local specialist.