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Inspiring solutions in life sciences and specialty chemicals

Innovative solutions for food industrial and health and personal care markets

All-in-one cleaner formulation: solution in dilution
All-in-one cleaner Caldic Malaysia
Strong value-added services for pharmaceutical markets
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Caltherm® heat transfer fluids, enabling you to optimize the safety and performance of your processing installation
Pipelines on site, containing Caltherm Heat Transfer Fluids to optimize the production process
On a mission to develop tasty meat alternatives with a smaller environmental footprint
Farnaz Faridnia, Business Development Manager Caldic New Zealand
Solutions that fit like a glove; tackling challenges in the rubber industry
Rubber gloves
Pleased pet owners thanks to shelf life extension of dried kibble
petfood kibble for dogs
Sustainability in bio-solvents for everyday applications
Sustainability in bio-solvents for everyday applications
Optimizing your beer brewing process with defoamers
Brewery Calsil defoamers
The Caldic Gen Z Formulation Series
Beauty vlogger gen z
Introducing Planty: Our New Vegan Product Line
Vegan Mortadella with cashew ricotta
Ionol CP Pharma Grade, the antioxidant combining qualitative and regulatory performance
Ionol Oxiris, an outstanding protector provided by Caldic France to maintain the performance and properties of products: APIs, excipients, pharmaceutical wastes or intermediate solvents.  It is a primary anti-radical antioxidant that acts by blocking free radicals: the oxidation of the molecule to be protected is stopped.
Introducing AdalbaPro: world's first food ingredient line made from insects
AdalbaPro Insect protein
Pectacon® Stabilizer Systems
Close up of testing Pectacon® Stabilizer Systems, Caldic's own  Stabilizer System range.
Food Ingredients Processing Services
Close up of the (Re)paking facility, one of the Food Processing Services provided by Caldic
Biomax: Specialty Silicones for Personal Care
Applying body lotion on a female hand, containing specialty silicones for a silky smooth feeling
Specialized Water Treatment Solutions
Water treatment Caldic Italia
Quality brewing ingredients
Man checking beer quality
Food Ingredient Repacking & Packaging Services
Close up of the (Re)paking facility, one of the Food Processing Services provided by Caldic
Polymer modifiers
Optimizing thermoplastic polymer parameters, to improve product properties and processing, with INEOS Styrolution styrenic modifiers.
Titanium Dioxide for Coating, Plastic and Decor Paper
White structured wall
On-trend Nutritional Solutions
Instant Cappuccino
Gale&Cosm: Green and Eco-friendly cosmetic ingredients
Cannabis leaf in glass
BASF F-200: Your Activated Alumina for Liquid and Gas Drying
a close up from BASF F-200 is an aluminum oxide based spherical ball, specially designed for removing polar molecules and drying of gases and liquids.
Caldic's Natural Personal Care alternatives
Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Reverse Osmosis Menbranes to remove contaminants and purify water distributed by Caldic
Surface Treated Pigments for your Color Cosmetics
Red surface treated pigments used in color cosmetics (small)
BASF Selexsorb®: Multifunctional adsorbents for trace contaminant removal from gases and liquids.
Refenery, a market to which Caldic offers a wide range of adsorbents, catalysts and process chemicals.
Delicious Dairy Solutions
Fiber-enriched non-fat chocolate milk
Accelerators and Antioxidants for rubber compounds
Yasho accelerators and antioxidants for rubber
Making the most out of Compressed Air
Pneumatics, pressed Air
Caldic Precipitated Silica Solutions
A close-up of sand, which is used for the production of Silica, a own-production of Caldic.
How Clean Label has become the rule
Various jars on a shelf with all sorts of spices
Caldic: Your full-service Pharma Solution Provider
Orange pills in package
Protein Enrichment: Speeding up recovery with ice cream and sausage rolls
Icecream scoop and peach icecream
Food Innovation & Production: Success for your food products
Naturens energi awarded Best Natural Food Product “Runner up”
Our assortment of Naturens energi: small boxes placed on a tree trunk, surrounded by dried fruits and nuts
Savory Solutions for your success
Vegan Burger
Antimicrobials. Sustainable protection of fibrous and polymerized materials
Innovative Solutions for Bakery
slice of sugar reduced cake; one of the solutionns developed by Caldic Ingredients
Why you should choose Caldic as your biocides specialist
Calstar: our Gas-to-Liquid Technology
Pipette with liquid drop hanging on the end, against a blurry orange and turquoise background
Caldichem: Your multifunctional, non-ionic surfactant
A watersplash symbolizing. Our Caldichem surfactent reduce the surface tension of a liquid.
Fighting climate change with Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas
Active Coal
Care for your solvent, increase productivity
Safe and simple solvent handling with the SAFE-TAINER™
Tailored water treatment solutions for the Food industry
Clean water flowing out of metal pipes
Why heating your home with salt will have the future
CREATE project logo
Expertise and formulation in silicones
Sustainable agriculture
Agriculture Ethylene glycol  Sustainable bio-based surfactants wetting agents dispersants emuldifiers oils glycols esters Caldic Industrial Solutions
Better for you - Food Ingredients Caldic: Your Food Ingredients Distributor
PIB Versatile polymer with unique properties
Purification Solutions
Catalysts Purification Caldic Solution BASF
Calsil Silicone Moisturizing
ION exchange resins for clean water
ION exchange resins for clean water Caldic Solution Water Treatment Lewatit 31
Making water safe for discharge
I Water Making water safe for discharge Water Ground Water
Healthy Food - The next generation ingredients