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11 April 2019

Distribution agreement TNC BIO and Caldic Italia

Caldic Italia srl is pleased to announce the agreement with Dutch Company TNC BIO for the distribution of their fully defined additives and media for optimal serum free cell culture. With this new partnership, Caldic Italia will be even better capable of serving the Italian Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Industry.

TNC BIO provides the cell culture community with fully (pre-)defined products and solutions, which are absolutely free of any animal or human originating components.

Product Portfolio

  • Additives reagents: XerumFree™ defined cell culture (XF212 Medium Supplement, Serum Replacement, VERO, …) used in cell therapy development (primary cells)
  • Defined Culture Media for CHO, VERO, BHK21, HEK923T, MRC5, MDBK, RLEC cells
  • Reagents for transfection

TNC BIO product advantages include:

  • Consistent quality and chemically defined composition - no batch-to-batch variations, eliminating testing, storage and scientific variations
  • Consistent and sufficient availability of raw materials - Raw materials and components for products are available on a large scale
  • No contamination risk - No viruses, no prions, no sterilization or stripping necessary
  • No ethical concerns - Save in use because it is absolutely free of animal or human originating components
  • Less regulatory pressure - Less regulatory concerns as a result of missing animal or human originating components
  • Cost savings - Consistent and reliable products allow for efficient R&D and production processes, including the absence of required batch-to-batch evaluations by users, less energy consumption due to storage (fridge instead of freezer), and less downstream processing because of the extremely low protein level.

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