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15 April 2016

Dadex, Caldic Antioxidant solutions

In addition to providing ingredients to the food industry for products sold under our suppliers’brand names, we develop, manufacture and distribute products under our own brands. In North America, our Dadex brand is widely recognized as a leader in Powerful Antioxidant Solutions for the food, pet food and aquaculture markets.

Customised Solutions

The Dadex line includes synthetic, natural, non GMO and organic blend antioxidants solutions customised to specific applications and finished products. With our fully equipped laboratories and experienced R&D teams, we assist our customers with shelf life assessment, residual antioxidant analysis and recommendations for increasing the shelf life of their finished products. We can also customise blends for our customers to meet their specific fatty acid profiles.


With the success of Dadex in North America, Caldic began exploring the opportunity of making Dadex antioxidants available on a global scale. Caldic Canada began the process of securing FAMI-QS certification so that our Dadex products would get recognition under the Good Manufacturing Practices+ (GMP+) scheme in the EU. Our facility received a FAMI-QS Certification and have now started supplying products into the European market.


A dedicated new Dadex website is launched to support the global sale of Dadex antioxidants. We are very excited about the possibilities in Europe and expect the initiative to bring further growth to our business.

For more information, please contact one of our Specialists.