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27 July 2017

Caldic in ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors

Recently the 2017 Top 100 Chemical Distributors was revealed. It is the eighth year of this listing, which is published annually in ICIS Chemical Business, the weekly magazine for the global chemical industry.

The listing is long awaited and largely analyzed by buyers and sellers in the global chemical industry,  showcasing the wide diversity of players in the sector on a global basis. Although it is the Top 100, this year’s  listing features a record of 258 companies from around the world, with Caldic taking in the 18th place. When it comes to Chemical Distribution Leaders in Europe, Caldic ranks 12th.

ICIS Chemical Business magazine is a source of market intelligence and analysis of the global chemical markets. The ICIS global team of industry experts, market reporters and pricing editors digests the key issues and trends of global chemical markets on a weekly basis, giving access to a full market overview in one magazine.

You can find the complete Top 100 Chemical Distributors listing -including Caldic- here.