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Annual Report 2019 Collaborate
06 July 2020

Annual Report 2019: Collaborate

We are delighted to present our Annual Report 2019. In this report, we’ve compiled the highlights and success stories of the past year that can all be linked to this year’s theme Collaborate.

Why Collaborate?

Collaboration is a purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate to achieve a shared outcome.

The cover of this report, depicting this year’s theme, also symbolizes what collaboration means for us as a company. By merging and blending different components, a unique, new and stronger ‘whole’ is created. Collaborate has a clear link to our corporate values and applies to many parts of our business: to our relationships with both suppliers and customers and to the internal collaboration between our companies, divisions and colleagues. When we join forces, we are able to achieve outcomes of immeasurably higher quality and greater value.