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Elastomers for Rubber

car parts such as tires containing Elastomers for Rubber

The choice of the right elastomer for your rubber is fundamental and depends on the final application of the vulcanized article. All the conditions of use to which the finished article will be exposed must be taken into consideration during the formulation phase and the choice of the elastomer.

Our range of polymers for Rubber

Caldic Italia offers a wide range of polymers, including

  • NBR and NBR / PVC for resistance to oils and solvents
  • HNBR which, to the characteristics of NBR, adds resistance to high temperatures and to aging agents such as heat and ozone
  • ACM, extremely resistant to heat and fluids used in various applications
  • ECO, to guarantee resistance and low permeability to gases and fuels

Elastomers for Rubber such as