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Antioxidants for Rubber

Rubber rainboots containing antioxidants for Rubber

Vulcanized rubber goods have the need, more or less marked, to be protected from the effect of external factors that can accelerate aging. These factors are of various kinds: oxidative agents (ege.g. oxygen), agents that speed up oxidative processes (such as heavy metals), ozone, UV rays, heat, mechanical stress, aggressive chemicals.

Our Antioxidants for rubber protection

Depending on the application and the polymer (elastomer), the use of the right protective system is crucial in order to guarantee optimal performance throughout the life of the finished article. Our product range for rubber includes:

  • Antioxidants / antiozonants (parafenylendiamines)
  • Antioxidants (TMQ, secondary aromatic amines)
  • Antidegradants (benzimidazoles)

Antioxidants for Rubber such as