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Adsorbents (Purification)

Adsorbents one of the products in the wide range of adsorbents, catalysts and process chemicals for a broad range of applications like chemical and petrochemical refining, gas processing, compressed air drying and purification of starting materials or final products.

Adsorption is the technology of choice whenever a small amount of impurities should be removed from gas or liquids, leading to high-end starting materials or products.

Caldic offers a wide range of adsorbents for applications like chemical and petrochemical refining, gas processing and high-end purification. Different adsorber types such as alumina, silica gels, molecular sieves and metal oxide promoted materials are suitable for just about every purification purpose.

Removal of chlorides, fluorides, oxygenates, sulfur and arsenic impurities from gas and liquids streams belong to the key applications as well as providing guard and fine-tuning beds to complex chemical processes to achieve high quality products.

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