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Caldic Headquarters Rotterdam

Caldic is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Its organisational structure follows a decentralised model, with executive authority vested in a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Xavier Urbain Chairman of the Board
Mike Ebeling Non-Executive Board member
Adam Dawson Non-Executive Board member
Alexander Wessels Executive Board member - CEO
Bernard Witte Executive Board member - CFO
Mario Preissler Non-Executive Board member
Olav van Caldenborgh Non-Executive Board member
Tania Howarth Non-Executive Board member
Bogáta Baranyi Non-Executive Board member

Functional Directors

Henk Boden QHSE Director
Henk Boden, QHSE Manager, Caldic B.V.
Femke Krabbenborg HR Director
Peter Becker Chief Information Officer
Peter Becker, Chief Information Officer
Birgit Kamp Communications Director
Birgit Kamp, Communications Director
Maxime Toth Group Strategic Program Director
Maxime Toth, Group Strategic Program Director
Samera El Idrissi General Counsel
Samera El Idrissi, Compliance Director