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Caldic Headquarters Rotterdam

Caldic is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Its organisational structure follows a decentralised model, with executive authority vested in a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Alexander Wessels Chief Executive Officer
Alexander Wessels, CEO
Bernard Witte Chief Financial Officer
Bernard Witte, CFO

Executive Leadership Team


Laurent Pasqualini CEO Europe
Laurent Pasqualini, Managing Director, Caldic France
Martin Zemp CFO Europe
Martin Zemp, CFO Europe
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North America

Jill Wuthmann Co-CEO North America
Jill Wuthmann, Co-CEO North America
Steve Owen Co-CEO North America
Steve Owen, Co-CEO North America
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John Gorman CEO of Brand-Nu Laboratories and BNL Sciences
Caldic Contact
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Asia Pacific

Wilco Langschmidt CEO Asia Pacific
Wilco Langschmidt Managing Director, Caldic Thailand
Chiam Tze Chong CFO Asia Pacific
Chiam Tze Chong, CFO Asia Pacific
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Functional Directors

Henk Boden QHSE Director
Henk Boden, QHSE Manager, Caldic B.V.
Samera El Idrissi Legal and Compliance Director
Samera El Idrissi, Compliance Director
Femke Krabbenborg HR Director
Aldrik Vervat Strategy and M&A Director
Aldrik Vervat, M&A Director
Ton Arrachart IT Director
Ton Arrachart, IT Director
Birgit Kamp Communications Director
Birgit Kamp, Communication Director