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Legal and Compliance

Legal and Compliance

At Caldic, Compliance means doing the right thing. That means when faced with challenges we will always do the right thing and act with integrity and respect. We will comply with all rules and regulations that are applicable to our business and we take pride in setting high ethical standards for ourselves and the parties we work with. By acting as such, not only do we protect our own business, employees and reputation, but also the business and reputation of those with whom we collaborate.

Respect & Integrity

Integrity and Respect are the two core foundational values our Company is built on. In everything we do Integrity and Respect are critical and will not be compromised in any way.

Our Global Compliance Program consist of various policies and procedures that set out high expectations which are enforced throughout our organization. These policies and procedures are aimed at ensuring Integrity and Respect between our own employees, our customers, suppliers and the industries, markets and environments we work in.


Code of Conduct

Caldic’s Code of Conduct is our foundation document. It summarizes our group policies and business principles. The Code of Conduct sets out the ground rules of what we expect from our employees and also the ethics and values by which Caldic will do business. Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation combined with integrity, respect and reliability are key to Caldic’s success. You can download our Code of Conduct on the right side of this page.

Within Caldic, we all are responsible for ensuring compliant and ethical behavior. That is why we require all our employees to read, understand and adhere to the policies and procedures we have in place. It is only by holding ourselves to high standards that our Company will attract the right individuals and suppliers, meet our customer’s expectations and ultimately be successful in what we do.


Adherence to the law

As the environment we do business in and the regulations applicable to us continue to evolve, we regularly review our processes to ensure we are compliant. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, be they international or domestic. We do not conduct business with suppliers and/or contractors who do not adhere to the highest standards of behavior as set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition, our suppliers and contractors will be vetted and approved in accordance with our Know Your Customer and Know Your Supplier policies.

Should you have any questions about our Global Compliance Program, please reach out to our Compliance department via

Speak Up Tool

In case you encounter any (potential) violations of our Legal and/or Compliance related policies and/or regulations, we ask you to speak up. If you do not feel comfortable doing so with your regular contact person at Caldic, you can log your report anonymously via this link:

Please note that the Speak Up tool is not meant for any customer or supplier complaints. For those types of reports or complaints we ask you to reach out to your regular contact person at Caldic.