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Let our employees do the talking

  • "Being advocates of solutions, we bring technical and logistical solutions to our customers."
    Régis Puentes Market Manager / Industry and Composites
    Regis Puentes Caldic France
  • "Being responsible for purchasing, sales and dealing with the daily administration of the filling station makes my job extremely varied."
    Jennifer Flear Sales Co-ordinator
  • “It’s great being a part of such an entrepreneurial company which values working independently and using your initiative, as it means you feel empowered and supported to create your own success”
    Anthony Light Technical Sales Manager
  • “I enjoy working at Caldic for many reasons, but most of all for the employee recognition I experienced this past year."
    Laura Alvarez
    Laura Alvarez Caldic Ibrica
  • “Think global, act local. With our local operating companies like Caldic Ingredients, we can serve our customers in the best possible way.”
    Victor Bakker Senior Account and Product Manager
    Victor Bakker Caldic Ingredients
  • "At Caldic, I am allowed to take initiatives and I am entrusted with great responsibilities."
    Muriel Poupée Commercial Assistant / Plastic and Rubber
    Muriel Poupee Caldic France
  • "I enjoy my role as Product Sales Manager as it gives lots of opportunities for interacting with customers and suppliers."
    Nicholas Veale Product Sales Manager Solvents
  • "Being part of a global company is great. Every year, colleagues from all over Europe participate in the Rotterdam Marathon - an amazing experience."
    Martine Heesbeen Account Manager Solids
    Martine Hamakers Caldic Nederland
  • "Being part of a world wide organisation give us the opportunity to serve our customers best"
    Steve Crockett Managing Director
    Steve Crocket Caldic Managing Director New Zealand
  • “We are looking for men and women who are good allies to our customers and suppliers, both commercially and technically.”
    Martin Marquering Managing Director
    Martin Marquering Managing Director Caldic Techniek Belgium
  • “Working at Caldic means working independently, which makes my job even more interesting. It truly is a multifunctional job.”
    Carla Rekoert Logistics Assistant
    Carla Rekoert Caldic Ingredients
  • "I feel valued as a member of the team. Caldic gives great opportunities for a career development."
    Danny Spooner Transport Manager
  • “We invest in educating our people, so that they are aware of the latest technological developments.”
    Rob Snelders Key Account Manager Power Transmission
    Caldic Techniek Rob Snelders
  • "Every day is different from one another and I have the opportunity to experiment with new activities."
    Alessia Cagna Quality & Laboratory / Food
    Alessia Cagna Caldic Italia
  • “Caldic is looking for people who are inspiring and creative. We encourage people to take initiatives.”
    Ronald Theeuwes Managing Director
    Ronald Theeuwes Managing Director Caldic Ingredients
  • “I definitely think that Caldic’s strength lies in its high quality.”
    Maureen van Deutekom Back office Support
    Maureen Deutekom Caldic Techniek
  • "With Caldic I have been able to increase my working career. Today I'm Sales Manager in the Rubber."
    Simone Calabrini Sales Manager Rubber
    Simone Calabrini Caldic Italia
  • “Together with our specialists, we strive to produce in a flexible, qualitative and economically appealing way.”
    Jurgen Vermeulen Businessunit manager Power Transmission
    Jurgen Vermeulen Caldic Techniek
  • “Caldic is a unique organization with lots of personal contact on all levels. In this way, we can really develop ourselves.”
    Diederik Derksen Business Unit Manager Solids
    Diederik Derksen Caldic Nederland
  • "I have the possibility to work independently while maintaining the right flexibility while being part of a big company."
    Marcello Baggi Division Manager Cosmetics
    Marcello Baggi Caldic Italia
  • "My work at Caldic is very dynamic, very diverse and very motivating."
    Barbara Sarghat Quality Manager
    Barbara Sarghat Caldic France
  • “The best part of my job is the variety. Negotiating prices with providers and offering significant solutions to my clients.”
    Jordi Gros Team Leader – Coatings, Inks & Ceramics
    Jordi Gros Caldic Iberica
  • "Every day I have the opportunity to develop my knowledge in different situations."
    Valentina Castelli Product Group Coordinator Silicones
    Valentina Castelli Caldic Italia
  • "Our employees have great freedom of action. They are only limited by their creativity!"
    Laurent Pasqualini CEO Europe
    Laurent Pasqualini Managing Director Caldic France
  • "We provide solutions before chemical specialties"
    Fabrizio Giusti Sales Manager
    Fabrizio Giusti Caldic Italia
  • "My role as a Business Manager with Caldic UK is complex, varied and very fulfilling."
    Clare Doherty Business Manager / Specialities
    Clare Doherty Caldic UK
  • "I like working in Caldic because every day is different and dynamic."
    Silvia Curcio Sales Assistant / Cosmetic
    Silvia Curcio Caldic Italia