Solar Power

Obtain the best results with high stability Caltherm heat transfer fluids

Thermodynamic solar energy is set to play a significant role in the electricity market: it will account for 11% of world production by 2050.

The transformation of solar energy into "transportable" electric energy requires installations able to tolerate very high temperatures.

In solar power plants with cylindrical parabolic mirrors, the solar radiation is concentrated on pipes filled with a heat transfer fluid warmed up to extremely high temperatures above 350°C. This liquid carries the thermal energy to a steam generator. The steam activates turbines that drive alternators to produce electricity.

The Caltherm range precisely meets technical concerns of the solar energy sector by offering heat transfer fluids resistant to temperatures of up to 400°C with maximum pressures of less than 15 bars.

Today, Caltherm C66 and Caltherm BO 400 are the most widely used products. To increase the durability and the operating temperature range of the heat transfer fluids, Caltherm R&D teams are currently working on the development of a high-end silicone technology.