Pharmaceutical Processing

Reach high performances with Caltherm high quality thermal fluids

The pharmaceutical industry excels at innovation, delivering high-standard, precision solutions. As a result, the manufacturing processes are sophisticated and involve phases with high thermal stresses, requiring the use of reliable, high-quality heat transfer fluids.

Caltherm’s high-tech thermal fluids are made from mineral, synthetic or silicone products and can replace glycol mixtures to guarantee the system can handle high pressures at high temperatures (for example, 85 bars at 300 °C for water).

The wide range of Caltherm thermal fluids meet pharmaceutical regulatory requirements by offering fluids suitable for either very low or very high temperatures (below -80 °C or above 350 °C) or fluids whose versatility guarantees permanent efficiency from -50 °C to 300 °C.

For open circuit or water bath type applications, some Caltherm fluids can be used up to 195°C with excellent resistance to oxidation and low odour and toxicity.

For example, in small pharmaceutical units, where safety is essential, the Caltherm S1050 is an ideal choice. Its silicone technology ensures optimum fluid resistance and long service life, even at high temperatures. Moreover, thanks to its flash point above 300°C and often above the process temperature, installations are not subject to heavy administrative constraints due to regulatory constraints.