Industrial Laundry

Bring heat to your equipment with a safer and a budget-friendly heat transfer fluid

To warm up laundry cylinders, professionals in the industrial laundry sector can use two techniques: either electric resistances or a heat transfer fluid. Consequently, they are faced with technical requirements in terms of temperature and viscosity of the fluid circulating in the heating system.

Indeed, the drying-ironing stage is delicate and requires a controlled temperature of the equipment to ensure efficient ironing and quality of service.

Opting for a heat-transfer fluid provides better control of the machine's performance: the heating is homogeneous even after the laundry has passed through and the heat is evenly distributed along the entire length of the cylinder.

Choosing the right fluid is fundamental. It must have relatively low and constant viscosity throughout the processing temperature range, up to 200 °C. The Caltherm range offers synthetic thermal fluids with a longer service life and consistent quality over time compared to conventional mineral oils, and non-toxic for peace of mind in operation. In addition, their low cold viscosity allows a quick start-up of the equipment.

Industrial Laundry solutions

  • Caltherm CADX10
  • Caltherm CSP
  • Caltherm CXP
  • Caltherm SYN FC