Freeze dryer

Optimize you freeze drying process with Caltherm oils designed for extremely low temperatures

Freeze-drying is a dehydration technique that has the advantage of preventing microorganisms’ development to ensure a long shelf life. This process is mainly used in the food industry for fruits, herbs and instant soups conservation.

It consists of 2 steps: first, a quick deep-freezing at temperatures below -70°C, then a vacuum evaporation of the water. The steam (or any other solvent) leaves the product and is captured by freezing using a condenser or a "cold trap".

The ideal heat transfer fluid for this application must allow the supply of energy without significant modification of its physical parameters regardless of the temperature.

Caltherm’s silicone technology fluids, such as Caltherm UBT, are perfect for this type of freeze drying process. This product is anhydrous and has a very low pour point with very low viscosities at low temperatures ensuring an excellent and long-life system performance.

From -110°C to 200°C, Caltherm products will help to preserve your susceptible food items.