Food Processing

Secure your processes with food grade Caltherm fluids

Food industry processes typically involve large temperature variations across different production stages. In many industrial-scale installations, thermal energy generated by boilers is conveyed by heat transfer fluids, which must therefore stand up to high temperatures, before being delivered to the system. |

Historically, steam has been the classic vector used in many food industry processes, as it's known for compatibility and non-hazardousness in case of accidental contact. However, this liquid can represent a potential hazard due to the high pressure at high temperatures.

Caltherm has specifically developed heat transfer fluids for the food industry that can serve as a great alternative.

Caltherm offers a product range of synthetic or silicone-based anhydrous fluids that ensure excellent system performance at temperatures ranging from -100 °C to 300 °C. This innovative solution has viscosities that can be tailored to any type of process.