Chemical Processing

Facilitate your process with long life service Caltherm fluids

The chemical industry uses heat transfer fluids within the manufacturing process to control temperatures. The heat produced by industrial heaters is delivered by a heat transfer fluid to the synthesis reactors.

Choosing the right heat transfer fluid is crucial. The selection of the correct heat transfer fluid depends on different parameters such as the volume in the installation, the position of the boiler and the diameter of the pipes.

Caltherm’s high-tech thermal fluids ensure precise temperature control during synthesis reactions that generate exothermic or endothermic phenomena. By offering excellent resistance at high temperatures and adapting configuration thanks to low viscosity over a very wide temperature range of -100°C to 400°C, the Caltherm product secures a long lifetime, which makes it a sustainable and economically sound choice. And with regulations for health, safety and the environment in mind, it’s good to know that Caltherm’s heat transfer fluids are chemically inert therefore ensuring low toxicity.

Caltherm products can lower ignition risks, for example, in synthesis processes where operating temperatures are around 260°C. Using a synthetic or silicone-based fluid with flashpoints higher than operating temperatures will reduce risks within and around the installations.