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Your innovative partner

Because our customer focus means that we at Caldic make it our business to know and understand your needs. Because, by keeping track of market trends, we give our customers an edge in responding to constantly evolving markets, and we ensure that we are capable of delivering to your specifications from our product portfolio. Because, if you are a supplier, we provide the best and quickest route to the market.

From idea to market stage

With our head office in the Netherlands, and more than 20 companies operating in 17 countries around the world, there’s no question that we are a global company. But we believe that we can best serve our customers with a decentralised operating model that gives our local organisations the flexibility to respond to local needs and to forge strong partnerships with their customers and suppliers. We have a global network of suppliers, enabling us to secure the highest quality products for our customers, but we are far more than just a distributor.

Market research

Pro-actively we provide our partners with market developments and trends and inspire them with new solutions.

Supply chain services

Supply chain services means we improve the efficiency of our customers’ processes and reduce their working capital requirements

Production services

With a full range of production services we are able to provide tailored solutions, efficiency, security of supply and guaranteed quality.

Supplier partners

Through our long lasting supplier partners we give our customer access to a wide variety of products -tailored if needed- coming from leading global suppliers.

Technology services and support

Thanks to our innovation centres we conduct new product introductions and development, product demonstrations, workshops and seminars for our customers.

Local know-how and customer care

We secure solid and personal partnerships with both our suppliers and customers.