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Healthy Food - The next generation ingredients

Tasty is good, but nutritious and tasty is even better. Consumers are looking for both flavour and nutrition, and they want it to be convenient and healthy, too. 
In turn, food manufacturers are paying more attention to the evolving demands in the marketplace, and offering variations on the traditional product offerings to meet those new demands. 

Where our customers often modified ingredients in their own facilities in the past, many of them now leave it to us to work in our labs and test kitchens on the development of the right ingredients (or modifications to existing ingredients) to enable them to respond to changing expectations in the market. 
We can provide food manufacturers that contain e.g. vitamins, fibers, probiotics, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. 
And we can develop customized solutions in response to specific needs. 

At Caldic we’ve come up with a variety of appropriate solutions containing Functional Ingredients e.g. 

  • Bioactive Collagen Peptides Aloe Vera Drink 
  • Functional Muffin Mixes – Gluten-free Healthy Indulgence 
  • High Fiber Protein Drink
  • Creative Fibers
  • Multi Grain Hot Cereal

We also assist you in navigating your way through the local, national, and international regulations. We have NHP (Natural Health Products) certified facilities and we can package our products for you in any format, from one gram sachets to a 1,000 kilogram tote sack.