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We operate in more than 20 countries around the world, with a decentralized structure – thinking globally and acting locally. The diversity of our work force reflects our global footprint. We come from many backgrounds and cultures, with different working styles and personalities. At Caldic, however, we all share a common purpose and a corporate culture. A culture that encourages thinking out of the box and focuses on creative solutions, developed in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

As a solid family-owned company with a long term vision, we maintain a flat organization with a minimum of bureaucracy and short lines of communication between management and our valued employees. We are looking for people who fit into this ownership culture based on entrepreneurship and integrity. People who are not afraid to take initiatives and feel responsible for implementing their ideas, who value a dynamic environment and have a sense of humour.

What we do


Working in production at Caldic means contributing to innovative products. For both Caldic brands and private labels, we deliver our own produced materials and control the entire process up to packaging.


In the Caldic laboratories, our technologists join forces to develop innovative products. We test, tweak and try - also together with customers - until we achieve a final product which meets our high standards.


Crucial to our customers’ business and sometimes even referred to as ‘the heart of the business’. As a distributor, we make products from suppliers available to our customers, help expand their reach and increase their revenue.


Listening, supporting, inspiring and contributing to our customers' success is what we do in sales at Caldic. Besides serving existing customers to the best of our ability, we are always working on expanding our network in order to stimulate organic growth.


Although not directly visible to the outside world, good back office support is key to a company’s success. It covers all specialisms that contribute to our selling activities and ensure that business runs smoothly.


The collection and delivery of products is an honourable job and comes with a great deal of responsibility. In this final step of the process, it is vital to transport products safely, securely and on time to a specified delivery point.

Let our employees do the talking

  • “It’s great being a part of such an entrepreneurial company which values working independently and using your initiative, as it means you feel empowered and supported to create your own success”
    Anthony Light Technical Sales Manager
    Anthony Light, Technical Sales Manager Caldic New Zealand Ltd
  • "Being part of a world wide organisation give us the opportunity to serve our customers best"
    Steve Crockett Managing Director
    Steve Crockett, Managing Director Caldic New Zealand Ltd
  • “By sharing knowledge and experiences within our global organization, we can better serve our local customers.”
    Paul Veth Director Food Ingredients Europe