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Safe and simple solvent handling

Caldic’s commitment to environmental responsibly is deeply rooted. We feel we have a moral obligation to choose those solutions that have the least impact on our environment and our planet. And the highest priority of all is to ensure the health and safety of our own employees as well as our partners and customers. This is why Caldic are partnered with SAFECHEM Europe GmbH as their unique filling station in the UK and have been successfully supplying the SAFE-TAINER™ System for a number of years.

What is the SAFE-TAINER™?

The SAFE-TAINER™ closed-loop transfer System is designed to protect workers and the environment by providing customers with a safe and efficient way to transport, store and handle solvents. The system consists of two specially designed steel containers; one for the supply of fresh solvent and one for the return of used solvent.

 Two safetainers

Used solvent that is returned in the specially designed waste SAFE-TAINER™ System is sent for professional recycling. An analysis of the returned waste is made available to customers. 
The SAFE-TAINER™ Systems can be locked to restrict access and the special base construction allows for easy transport with a forklift truck or pallet lifter. The outer steel box protects the drum, preventing damage or spills.

Using the SAFE-TAINER™ System, customers can continue benefiting from the excellent precision cleaning properties of solvents while adhering to legislative demands. The SAFE-TAINER™ System is the Best Available Technology for the transport, storage and handling of solvents. It is approved by the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) and by the ADR (International Regulations on Transport of Dangerous Goods). Special accessories achieve an almost emission free solvent transfer in line with Responsible Care® principles. 

Which solvents can I transport, store and handle in the SAFE-TAINER™?

Solvents that are specially formulated for high precision surface cleaning and are available in the SAFE-TAINER™ System include

  • DOWPER™* MC (Perchloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, PER, Perc or PCE)
  • DOWPER™* (Dry cleaning / textile cleaning grade PER)
  • NEU-TRI™° E (Trichloroethylene, TRI, Trike or TCE)
  • MECTHENE™° MC (Methylene chloride, dichloromethane or DCM)
  • DOWCLENE™* 1601 (Modified Alcohol)

Expert technical support and optimising your process through COMPLEASE™

The supply of these solvents is fully backed with expert technical support. A full range of service elements are available which include test kits, stabilisers, solvent additives, laboratory services, exposure monitoring badges, and onsite training sessions regarding the safe handling and use of solvents. Using these elements we can help fully optimise your cleaning process to ensure a safe and efficient process that delivers consistent high quality cleaning results. For a simple, cost effective way to fully optimise your process see our innovative Chemical Leasing plan, COMPLEASE™.

If you wish to receive more information on the SAFE-TAINER™ System, COMPLEASE™ or any other matter regarding the handling of solvents and their cleaning properties our specialist Nicholas Veale is more than happy to assist you.


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