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Calstar: our Gas-to-Liquid Technology

A new product range we have introduced is Calstar: a high purity gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. This innovative fluid technology converts natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel, into high-quality liquid products. The reason natural gas is used is that it is abundant, versatile and affordable.

 The advantages of Calstar gas-to-liquid technology

GTL products offer a number of advantages. First of all, they are colorless and odorless. Furthermore, unlike crude oil, they contain almost no impurities like sulfur and nitrogen. Because of Calstar’s synthetic composition, we were able to improve the performance of solvents for a wide variety of applications involving raw materials for everyday necessities such as plastics, detergents and cosmetics. Gas-to-liquid products are also used in agricultural and burning applications.

The Caldic way of working

Only the best products are good enough for us at Caldic. We do not only sell commodity products; instead we deliver solutions that comply with our customers’ needs. That is why the development process is so important. Before the implementation of a product, we visit our customers to see how their processes are designed. After elaborate testing and analyzing we present a tailored solution which we implement at a customer’s facility. We then carefully monitor the results and adjust where needed. Technical support is naturally part of our way of working.

Customer case: saving time and money with Calstar

One of our customers is a producer of wallpaper coverings and Plastisol, a mixture of PVC particles in a liquid plasticizer and for example used as a coating for outdoor applications. This customer needed a product that would save both time and money. In the production process, the customer blended two products manufactured by competitors in order to achieve the optimal technical characteristics required for their products. Not only was this an unwieldy time-consuming process; the quality of the final product was also unacceptably inconsistent.

Our innovative gas-to-liquid technology offered an ideal alternative. This customer could use Calstar instead of the two products produced by our competitors to achieve the desired characteristics. This resulted in a cost-effective production process, saving our customer both time and money.

 More about Calstar

Are you curious to find out more about Calstar and want to know how our Calstar gas-to-liquid technology can improve your business? Please contact our specialist Roger Collis  by sending an email or calling +44 1246 854111.